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MFCoin is a fork of popular crypto currency LiteCoin , and at the same time it is a means of payment of the state of Freeland.

General information

  • Protection mechanism: Proof-of-Work & Proof-of-Labour.
  • Hashing algorithm: scrypt.
  • Time to generate new block: 5 minutes.
  • Reward for the new found block: 50 MFC.
  • MFCoin generation is halved every 400.000 blocks.
  • Pre-mining: 10.000.000 MFC (the budget for programmers & IT-specialists and bounty campaigns)
  • Total number of coins: 50.000.000 MFC.

MFCoin as a tool of Freeland

MFCoin Blockchain is used to record data of citizens and residents of Freeland. At the moment, smart contract system is being created and perfected on the MFCoin blockchain.

Legal status of MFCoin

In the legal status of MFC so far no different from other crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Etherium, etc.) Legal status of this phenomenon is constantly changing in different countries, but they do not limitate crypto-currencies themselves and its usage. They try to prevent its usage in fraudulent operations and other criminal spheres.

Usage of MFCoin

To use MFCoin, there are special storage systems, which are described in detail on the page "Ways to store MFCoin"

How can I buy MFCoin?

At the moment MFC can be exchanged for Bitcoin, Litecoin and Etherium.

If you do not have any crypto-currency on hand, we recommend Local Bitcoins for safe and fast purchase.

You can also use an all-round exchange services. To see the whole list please follow the link

After sending the payment to us send us information on e-mail about the payment amount, the address with which you sent the crypto currency and the address of your MFC wallet.

Please see the coordinates of our wallets:

  • BTC: 1MLsJ6kcmHudnqda6iFGo7HyYqBFqki4Ld
  • ETH: 0x53a2cc1377ceadaEC70E91C5F9b286a2287b541E
  • LTC: LRw1ERW3jJ678PnRbGZopUZ2ymQTMnQDJk