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What is MFCoin?

слева MFCoin - fork of the popular crypto currency LiteCoin and, at the same time, it is a means of payment of virtual state of Freeland.

MFCoin's blockchain is used to record data of citizens and residents of Freeland. At the moment, smart contract system is being created and perfected on MFCoin's blockchain .

Legal status of MFC is the same as for Bitcoin, LiteCoin, Etherium, etc. Legal status of crypto currency is constantly changing in different countries. But limitations relate not to the crypto-currencies themselves and their circulation, but to the control over their use in fraudulent transactions and other criminal spheres.

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What is Freeland?

The virtual state of Freeland - is the same state as any other existing one, whether recognized or not. The global difference is that it is organized on a newly-discovered territory: in the infosphere. There is no logical reason to deny that this territory exists. There is no reason to deny that social and economic relations between people can technically be built in it according to different rules than ever before.

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