Paper wallet

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Paper wallet is the safest way to store MFCoin. It consist of address and private key to it, written on a piece of paper or other way of information storage, to which the owner of the funds has only physical access.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Paper Wallet

  • The main advantage of a paper Wallet is the safety of storing funds on it. Until the address is imported into the wallet, you can access it only physically.
  • The main disadvantage resulting from the main advantage is the impossibility of managing of funds on the wallet before import into the wallet, only sending coins to this address.

Creation of paper wallet


  • 3)On the Single Wallet tab we see the address for Mining and Transfers - Share and the private key - Secret


  • 4)Click on Print. Done, the wallet data is now only stored on your printout and nowhere else. But for the transfer from the wallet of funds you will have to import the private key into the electronic wallet as it was described above.

You can generate another address by clicking the Create new address button or go to the Paper wallet tab and generate the desired number of purses at once, I created 3 pieces for an example. In the "Addresses to generate" write quantity, click Generate and Print. PaperWol3.png

special thanks to - Vadim Let's Mine for the original manual